Plant-Based Omega 3 Nourishing Hair Oil (1.69 fl oz)

A winner

What magic is this? 😉 Very pleased with this product. I normally use 100% pure Argan oil, but even though this is more expensive I prefer it.
- Alita Bowder


Is your hair in need of R&R (rest & relaxation)? Does your current hair oil treatment last only half a day and dries out again? Is frizzy hair an issue for you? Do you want healthy looking hair?

According to an article written by Debra Rose, Ph.D., In Medical News Today, Omega-3 is also helpful with (scalp) psoriasis symptoms in 12 out of 15 trials.

AO3’s plant-based oil with incredible concentration of Omega-3 between 40% to 57%, in comparison to traditional fish source at 15% to 30%, is highly concentrated with antioxidants and naturally revitalizes and hydrates for shiny, healthy hair all day long. It also protects and repairs your hair along with all the other listed benefits below.


Plant-Based Omega-3 extract helps with the following:
  • Luxuriously lightweight hair oil instantly restores natural shine and silkiness to the strands for coarse and all types of hair
  • Calms dry, frizzy hair, while helping improve hair health

  • Helps with preventing inflammatory scalp conditions and possibly dandruff

  • Deeply hydrates and softens to damaged & coarse hair

  • Alcohol free, paraben-free, sulfated-surfactants free

  • Lasts for 8+ hours

How to Use

After Wash Direction:
Rub 3 -5 drops of oil in your hands.
Run your hands through damp or dry hair.
Gently apply the oil onto mid-lengths and ends.
Apply on dry hair to tame flyaways, condition split ends, and smooth hair.


Paeonia Suffruticosa Seed Oil - 98.5%, Fragrance (Parfum EWG green grade 1) - 0.9%, Phenyl Trimethicone - 0.5%, Tocopheryl Acetate - 0.1%

Forever Clean

We only make clean products. And they're never made with sulfates, parabens, and other harmful/banned ingredients.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Not really very good

For the price its not good. The smell is gross and strong. The product is so heavy and makes your hair feel awful.

Easy to take care of my hair

Calmed my hair down right after shower and dried. I didn't need to take extra step to tame my hair down.

Michelle Kim
Best Hair Oil!

My hair is always frizzy so I have to use some type of oil to calm it down. I’ve tried different products but was never quite satisfied. Once I tried AO3, I was amazed at how a few little drops kept my frizzes tame all day! I love love love this oil!!!!

Miracle For Damaged Hair!

I'm so so excited!! I actually put it on before bed with a shower cap or beanie so the heat soaks it into my hair overnight 😁 it does a phenomenal job of repairing any damage and split ends! I love it so much as a multipurpose hair treatment ❤ your plant based Omega 3 oil is absolutely a miracle for hair!

Cece Reyes
Calmed my hair

I always used hair oil because of my frizzy hair. This product totally took control of my hair for an entire day! This is my go to hair oil from now on!